Veilability's Story

Connecting brides and venues

Veilability was founded with the mission of connecting brides and venues and making the process of planning a wedding simpler, more convenient, personalised and fun.

The brainchild of Kristy Ouwerkerk, Veilability was conceived after experiencing the frustrations of planning her own wedding. Finding a reception venue which met her key needs (location, guest capacity, close to guest accommodation and public transport, budget) proved to be a long, frustrating process. And when you finally narrow down the options to a handful of favourites, you find out that most are booked out months or years ahead. We knew these problems were being experienced by many of our friends and other brides. There had to be a better way.

After speaking with friends and experts in the hotel and hospitality industries, we realised that the process of booking venues for weddings was also inefficient and cumbersome for the venues themselves. They were looking for a better solution too.

So many industries have benefited from the internet in bringing together communities... why not weddings. The wedding market was long overdue for some injection of technology. And so Veilability was born.

Our Founder: Kristy Ouwerkerk

Kristy should know a thing or two about weddings. She has worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years as an entrepreneur developing technology-focussed web solutions. She also holds three university degrees including an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Kristy is a staunch advocate of developing win-win products and services that benefit everyone involved and for shaking up the wedding industry with customer driven solutions.

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