Top 3 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

It’s all in the title, ladies. Your perfect wedding dress is the one that suits you.

Of all the styles, colours, and accessory choices, nothing will look better on you than a dress that suits your body shape and personality and makes you feel fabulous!

In saying that, there are a few general rules to follow when choosing your dress…


1. Don’t buy a dress that’s too small

Yes, we all hope that our wedding diet will go swimmingly (pun intended) and we will shed the kilos before the day. But wedding stress and life get in the way. So, it’s always best to go for your size and have it tailored down if need be. Top tip: make sure you can sit down in your dress comfortably when it’s tailored.

If you do choose to get a dress that’s too small, make sure Aunty Debbie is ready with her sewing kit the day of the wedding or risk looking like this:



2. Look at dresses in your budget

You might think the dress that’s $1000 over your budget will make you feel more fabulous, and that might be true. But you won’t be feeling so great when you have to put that one back on the rack because you can’t afford it. Stick to your budget and get a little thrifty. If you’re thinking designer, but your wallet is shouting “NO!”, try looking at Stillwhite. It’s kinda like Gumtree for wedding dresses. Sure, these dresses have been worn before, but they are usually in great shape and a lot cheaper than new ones - especially for designer labels. I’d suggest finding a dress in your area so you can try it on before committing.



3. Don’t buy online

Having just told you to look online to buy a wedding dress, I’m going to contradict myself… don’t buy online. Well, at least don’t buy online from a place where you can’t try it on first.  It's almost a guarantee that your expectations (left side pics below) won't match the dress delivered to you (right side pics).  You will only end up being disappointed by the mis-shaped, miscoloured, mistake of a dress your order.  It may be cheaper but when it arrives and is totally wrong, you will end up spending more on buying a second dress or major dress renovations anyway.




Whichever dress you choose, make sure you are comfortable and happy. That will be what people remember for years to come…


Photo credits: Almadecine / Fimo Fanatic / Stillwhite / Knockoff Nightmares

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