Table Number Ideas For Every Style of Wedding

These table number ideas are will definitely wow your guests

Your theme should work itself into every part of your day, even your table numbers. Now that you’ve sorted the big picture details like your venue and dress, it’s time to focus on the finer details. Before you start designing your table numbers, you should have a rough idea of how many tables you’re going to have. Knowing how many numbers you need will help you decide how much you’re able to spend on each.

By now, you should know what kind of style your wedding will take on. Will you have an Urban or city chic wedding? How about a classical fairytale romance soiree? Are you leaning towards a rustic style? Maybe you’re feeling a bit whimsical and prefer something more obscure… Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to help you find the best table settings to suit your style, no matter what that might be. Here are our favourites…



The ‘urban’ style can be expressed in a few different ways. This could be a city chic, ultra-modern wedding, or a more casual but still sleek day. No matter which one you’re planning, here are our top table number choices.

For the wine-loving couple

As you can see, the same idea to use wines as the table names can look very different and can suit a range of urban weddings.


For the darker colour schemes

A more sophisticated marble background or a sweet constellation? Either way, these numbers would be perfect for those darker colour schemes. Make sure you also pop a bit of colour on the table somewhere, like the purple flowers.


For the lighter colour scheme

World travellers are sure to love the first table name idea here. Country and city names are a great way to guide your guests to their urban-styled table. They are also easy to remember! Particularly awesome if the places names are ones you've travelled to as a couple.  The balloon numbers are also fantastic in guiding your guests to their table. They are super easy to find and are a simple, economical addition to add height to your table setting.


Fairytale Romance

Every little girl’s dreams are coming true with these classic romantic table numbers. From very literal princesses to showing off your own fairytale happily ever after, these designs will make your guests say “awwwww” all night long.


For the modern fairytale wedding

A Fairytale wedding doesn’t have to be old and stuffy to be on theme. These table numbers have a modern font that brings a lightness to the day. You can always ensure your theme is present by having more traditional flowers in your table settings.


For the literal fairytale brides

These table numbers will definitely bring a sense of magic to your reception venue. Your married friends will (hopefully) get a kick out sitting at the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ table.


Who says fairytales are only in movies?

These personal table charts and numbers will show off your whirlwind romance. If you’ve travelled the country or the world, the first chart would be perfect! Even if you haven’t, you could use your ‘first’ locations on a map of the town or city.



Rustic weddings may fall under the same overall style but are always so different. You can have a rustic country wedding, a rustic garden style, or a rustic beach wedding among others. One of these table number ideas has to suit your style. There are just so many – I couldn’t choose!


For the green-thumbed brides

Are you and your future ‘the one’ having a garden rustic wedding? These table numbers are cute and unique! My favourite part of the second numbers is that the dietary requirements are clear for your waiters and waitresses.


For the sleek and rustic combo

These are the best of both worlds – where the rustic, outdoors meets the modern and sleek. These table charts and numbers would be perfect for the rustic wedding in the city. Veilability brides looking at locations in Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, or who would just like to bring a bit of country to Brissy might want to take a second look.


For any rustic wedding

Wood, hessian, dark green leaves… the core of the ‘rustic’ style. These table numbers could go with most rustic weddings (with a little bit of personalisation, of course). They are a perfect start to getting some inspiration.



You’ll definitely have a wedding to remember with some of these whimsical table names and numbers. The best thing about these is your guests really see your personality shine through. Choose from your favourite musicians, drinks, movies, shows, or animals, to reveal what you really love (apart from each other, of course).


Make it your style

Now, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that penguins and bicycles aren’t everyone’s style. But, if it’s yours then I say: “Why not?!” After all, it is your wedding so it should reflect your interests and personalities. These unusual table numbers are playful and pretty cute.


For the beach and ocean inclined

How cute are these little table numbers? I can see either of these at an intimate beach wedding or for an eclectic wedding. They’re not for everyone but they sure are adorable.


For the retro couple

Even though When Harry Met Sally was released in the 80’s, I'm getting a real 50’s vibe from these table numbers and charts. If you’re wedding is set in a different decade, you definitely need to stick to the theme with trendy table numbers like these. (I also love how the chart pays homage to the bride and groom’s US and UK roots.)


What did you think? Surely there has to be something in this list that sparked your interest. If not, send us a comment and tell us what we missed. Happy styling!

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