How To Use Flowers For a Wow Factor in Your Wedding

Be inspired by these beautiful flower installation ideas

There are so many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day than just a bouquet or button hole. To help you take a step away from the traditional and into the inspired we've supplied creative ways you can transform the humble flower into stunning decorations and  focal features that guests won't soon forget!


Flower Walls


This fantastical trend began in 2015 when reality TV show star Kim Kardashian stood in front of a cream flower wall of white peonies to marry Kanye West. Since then, this elegant piece of wedding decor has been the focal points of many weddings.


The wall doesn’t only need to serve as a back drop for the exchanging of vows but can be used to decorate the back of the bridal party table or place it behind your cake for the ultimate display. These walls are bound to cause enthusiasm amongst guests who you can be sure will rush to get photos surrounded by the beautiful blooms.




Flower Arches


Floral arches can give your wedding space added colour and structure, serving as a beautiful place to say I do. These arches can range from elegant modern pieces to a more rustic, vintage inspired feel through different uses of flowers, colours and materials.  And from affordable to ultra-luxe.


The arches can be made from a wide range of materials; from an assembly of twigs or wood for a organic feel to more industrial structures of steel with monochrome colours for a sophisticated, modern aesthetic.




Hanging Floral Structure


These structures are the perfect piece to hang over your bridal table. The base is usually constructed of material like timber, beachwood, metal or twig which is then beautifully decorated with flowers and floral accents. If your venue has a chandelier it’s also possible to adorn it with blooms!  Consider with your florist or stylist how lighting can be incorporated within the flower structure.




Venue decorations


There is no bigger statement than decorating the unique, beautiful architecture of your chosen venue with flowers. Flower installations can be crafted on walls, staircases or any other distinct structural aspects of your chosen ceremony or reception building. Take a look at these beautiful examples of couples adorning church entrances with an assortment of blooms.




Flower Crowns


Where better to place a beautiful array of flowers than on the top of your pretty little head? Whether it’s in the form of a flower crown or simply one or two flowers threaded through your hair, it’s a way to bring vibrancy and freshness to your wedding day look. 



These are just some of the ways that flowers can be used to bring life, colour and magic to your special day. Let us know your grand flower plans in the comments below!



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