Get More RSVPs to Your Wedding Day With These Invitations

You have more important things to do than chasing RSVPs so go electronic and save time

No matter how easy you make it, some people just aren’t capable of RSVPing to an event. My brothers are useless at it and I’ve always been responsible for ensuring my brothers are included in my RSVP because otherwise, no one knows if they’re coming.

Even with a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope, some guests just don’t think it’s necessary to RSVP. Apparently, people don’t know how to mail a letter anymore and you end up spending hours chasing up guests who can’t be bothered.



So, to try and solve this RSVP dilemma, here are a few non-traditional suggestions to get the response you want without losing the formality of a beautiful invitation.

1. Send a traditional invite, but request an electronic RSVP

How often do you get to send or receive a paper invitation these days? Not that often, I’m sure. That’s why it’s always so special to receive one in the mail. A special occasion requires a special invitation.

So, don’t miss out on sending your fancy invitation, but also make it easy for your guests to respond by asking them to RSVP directly via phone, email, even text. Making it easy for your guests to RSVP will hopefully mean you will receive more of them and have to dedicate less time chasing them up.

You also then have an electronic record of all the responses. We suggest adding each guest and their response to a spreadsheet to chase up those who have been slack.


2. Electronic invitation and RSVP

Electronic invitation sites are springing up like crazy! These sites let you send your invitations via email to your guests. It’s as simple as that. But don’t worry, just because you’re sending the invitation electronically, doesn’t mean you lose any sophistication and class. On most sites, you can customise your design, envelope, and liner, and your guest gets the whole ‘letter-opening experience’ (electronically, of course). 

With no printing or postage costs, these are very affordable. You can find invitations ranging from as little as $0.30, with options to add some more elements.

It’s going to be much easier for your guests to RSVP electronically, and easier for you to see who has, and more importantly, who hasn’t RSVPed. Sites like Greenvelope even let you see who hasn’t opened their invitation so you can remind them to have a look. It will also mean that you and your international guests aren’t waiting weeks on end to receive invites and RSVPs. The best part? You don’t have to ring around finding everyone’s postage addresses. Most people keep the same email for a while and there’s a good chance you already have this. (For a demo of how this works, see the Greenvelope video here.)

Not only will this be easier for everyone involved, it is better for the environment and reduces the risk of losing the invitations, forgetting to post them, or envelope-licking-related demises (Seinfeld fans, anyone?).



3. Create your own invitations and website with RSVP function

Get creative and design your own invitations and website! This is so simple and free with sites like Canva and Wix. They are easy to use because they have templates and use a ‘drag and drop’ system so you don’t need any experience to make them look professional.

Look at these free templates we found on Canva:



And these website templates on Wix:



You can easily print the invitations yourself or email them to your guests. (The great part about email is you can link to your website so they don’t have to type in the URL.) Your website can include all the important information like accommodation, directions, registry, and other events like brunch the next morning. You can also integrate a survey to record all the RSVP information (if it isn’t already included in the template) and set it up so your guests receive an email reminder. Easy peasy!


So these few suggestions will (hopefully) increase the amount of RSVPs you receive and leave you with more time to get through the other items on your checklist. What do you think? Will you opt for an electronic invitation or RSVP system? Or are you sticking with tradition? Let us know in the comments.


Photo credits: Daily Mail UK / Canva / Wix

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