6 Tips to Buying The Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts

These tips and ideas will help you find gifts that don’t break the bank (and don’t suck!)

After being by your side in all the dress shopping, cake tasting, and bridezilla moments, your bridesmaids and maid of honour deserve a massive thank you. But simply saying thank you just isn’t enough so show your love with the perfect gift (or gifts).

Now, I think we can all agree that’s easier said than done. There is no one “perfect” gift, but to give you a bit of inspiration, we’ve put together a few tips and gift ideas.


1.  The perfect gift is different for everyone

Make sure to have a particular bridesmaid in mind when buying their gift. Your vegan bridesmaid is not going to enjoy makeup that has been tested on animals, and your sober bridesmaid is not going to use a decanter set. Don’t feel like you have to give everyone the same gift because chances are you will strike out with at least one of your bridesmaids. “Perfect” changes with every person so your gift should too (just make sure they all cost about the same).


2. Please, please, please, don’t buy anything with “Bridesmaid” written on it

This seems like a great idea at the time; everyone has their own satin robe or champagne flute for the day. The only problem is it will only be used for that day. How often have you seen a ‘bridesmaid’ flute being used at a birthday party or another special occasion? Not only will it sit on a shelf for years, it isn’t very personal either. Instead of “bridesmaid” consider getting each special person’s name or initials added.

These personalised PJs from homebodii will do the trick:





3. Pretty much anything from Kate Spade or Myer is a good start

Kate Spade is full of fantastic gift items, from stationery to handbags, you are sure to find something to suit. Even better, they have a “for the bridesmaid” category on their website to get you started. (It’s also a great brand name for those bridesmaids who like to name drop.)

I’d suggest having a look at this beautiful planner or this sweet tote (if that’s your bridesmaids’ style):



4. Don’t buy something they can’t take home

Are you having a destination wedding? Maybe it’s a flight or a long drive back home? If you’re planning on giving your bridesmaids their gifts while away, make sure you give them something that won’t break or melt. An expensive bottle of champagne is no good for anyone if it’s soaked into their suitcase and there is nothing worse than opening those fancy chocolates just to find they have melted everywhere.


5. How about an experience?

This one can be tricky, but if done well an experience can end up meaning so much more than an item. You might consider a day at the spa to help your bridesmaids recoup or a cooking class for the creatives in the group. A site like Red Balloon has thousands of options in most major cities. Be careful not to overwhelm your bridesmaids with too many events and obligations, however. An experience should be enjoyed and wanted and not seem like just another event for your wedding.



6. Consider a gift basket

I know, I know… gift baskets aren’t always the best, but you can combine a lot of smaller, less expensive gifts to make a supergift! Just make sure to make the gift yourself – no one likes the generic pre-made baskets.


Whilst it is your wedding day, you want your bridesmaids to feel special too.  By following the tips above, and not including annoying token items that no one actually uses, you're well on your way to happy bridesmaid heaven.  No matter what you choose to give your beautiful bridesmaids, it’s the thought you put into them that will be really memorable.

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