Don't Let Your Shoes Ruin Your Big Day

You need to read this before buying your wedding shoes.

Did someone say shoe shopping?! You can count me in. There are hundreds to choose from! So many styles and looks – it’s like a lolly shop for grown ups. Unfortunately, you can’t have them all, so you go for the pair that make your bum look best in your jeans. Of course, they are the tallest, most expensive pair, but they look killer in the shop. Your confidence rises to a new level!

But, when it comes down to actually wearing your shoes for a long period of time, your attitude towards them can change dramatically. Do you remember in Friends when Monica bought those beautiful boots but couldn’t walk more than a block in them? Yeah, that’s the change I’m talking about. So, to avoid disappointment, here are a few things to consider before committing to your ‘perfect pair’.


Wedding lessons to be learned from Monica (from Friends) shoes debacle


Make sure you wear them in

Like everything else on your wedding, you want your shoes to look brand-spanking-new! They should be clean and look perfect. The only problem is, that keeping them unworn until the big day will make your feet want to cry. (Yes, feet can cry.) By having a few weeks’ worth of wear around the house, you can soften your shoes and pinpoint the sore spots without getting them dirty. If you know where they rub, you can buy some pads to cushion the area. If you wear them in well enough, you may not even need cushioning pads (but it’s always good to have some on you just in case).

You will also need to buy them at least a few weeks in advance so your dress can be altered to suit the height. So, if you have them anyway, why not make the most of it? And, if by the end of a few days wearing them in they are still uncomfortable, you know they probably aren’t the best choice for you.


Choose comfy yet spectacular wedding shoes - like these gorgeous blue wedding shoes

📷: @rosielondoner


The colour and length of your dress

Shoes are just as important as your dress, especially if you are wearing tea-length or short dress. But, it doesn’t mean guests won’t see your shoes in a floor length gown. A similar (but different) colour shoe will stick out like a sore thumb if you don’t match it carefully. Ivory shoes against a pure white dress just don’t work. Never have, never will. To avoid a clash, bring a piece of your dress fabric when shopping for your shoes. You should also compare the colours in daylight because a shop’s fluorescent lighting can look very different to your actual day.

Make sure to trial out how you walk in your dress while wearing your shoes. For example, if you have embellished shoes, does your dress get caught on it? Is your dress so long that you accidently step on the front as you walk? Keep these things in mind and have your dress shortened to suit the height of your heels if need be.


Stability and your venue

It may seem quite obvious that a stiletto heel is not appropriate for a beach wedding, but there are other considerations that you might not have thought about. If you are having an outdoor, grassy wedding, any thin heel, even a short one, can sink into the ground if it’s been raining. Open-toe strappy heels in winter aren’t going to do you any favours, and slippery soles in a ballroom venue probably won’t end well. (Quick tip: use sandpaper to roughen the soles of your shoes if you find they are too slippery.) Wedges and ankle straps are always great at making you more stable in heels.

A friend and I went on a nature walk at Tamborine Mountain recently and saw a wedding along the way. We passed the bride on the way to the ceremony and she was wearing her heels. The poor lady was struggling to stay upright over the bumps and uneven ground. If you’re having a wedding in a beautiful location like this bride, you might consider wearing flats. If you’re determined to wear heels, however, you could quickly change into heels before you hit the aisle (out of view from your guests, of course). Which brings me to my next point…


Choose beach wedding shoes carefully

📷: Sweet Ice Cream Photography


It’s okay to have more than one pair of shoes

You’re going to have ‘getting ready’ slippers, so why not also have ‘dancing shoes’ too? You’ll need slippers, shoes for the aisle and the photos, and then another comfortable pair for the evening. Ballet flats are perfect for the evening, just make sure they will work with your dress length. You can ask the venue for a spot to store your second pair of shoes at your reception. Otherwise, keep them under your table for a quick change that no one will notice. And, depending on your wedding’s vibe, you could also opt to go barefoot on the dancefloor (this isn’t always ideal though – watch for spilled drinks and people with two left feet).

Even if you have your comfy shoes, you may also consider having a second pair for the ceremony or photos (which takes longer than you would expect). No one really likes using their Plan B, because well, it’s not your first choice. But having a back-up plan and using it is much better than being uncomfortable. A smaller, wider heel is perfect.


Why not make a statement?

If it’s your style, don’t be afraid to make a statement. Weddings can be quite traditional so bring out your personality a little with shoes that suit you. Matching your shoes to your theme will bring an extra special little touch to your day. If you’re having a country or rustic wedding, go for some cowboy boots or match your shoe colour to your theme. You’re probably going to have these shoes for years to come, so going with a little colour may help you match them to other outfits.


Stand out even more with unique wedding shoes styled to your personality

📷: Shoe Images 1 and 2: Unknown, Shoe Image 3: Harriet Wilde


Don’t be like Monica… don’t let your want to impress come at your feet’s expense. There are plenty of comfy, good-looking shoes out there. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


Photo credit: Wikia / @rosielondoner / Sweet Ice Cream Photography

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