Combating Wedding Stress

Kick wedding stress in the bum and hit the refresh button

Your wedding day is coming up, the groomsmen still have bought their suits, your mother is hounding you about her outfit (as if it’s her day), and some of your guests still haven’t RSVPed properly. It’s stress city! And now you’re stressed about breaking out in stress pimples before your big day (try these tips if you do break out).

Firstly, take three deep breaths. Do it now – I’ll give you a sec.

Ahhh, that’s better. Okay – here’s what you do:


1. Get some sun

Now that you’ve taken a few deep breaths a bit more fresh air will make you feel even better. Go for a walk or run, meet some friends for a picnic (New Farm Park and Roma St Parklands are licensed ??), or go to the beach. Just remember sunscreen and a hat – we wouldn’t want you to get a sunburned or a weird tan before the big day.


Don't you feel better just by looking at this?


2. Eat a healthy lunch

Yes, healthy. (Well, healthy-ish is fine too.) Just eat something that will make you feel better afterwards. A fresh veggie and dip snack or piece of fruit (although sugary) will make your body love you. Eating healthy will give your body and brain the nutrients to function and make good decisions. Replacing caffeine with water will make you feel more energised especially if you do it for a couple of days straight (sounds shady but trust me on this).



3. Take a nap and stretch

Everyone needs a good sleep. Take a nap, refresh, and give your brain the rest it needs to function properly. This will be easier if you follow my tip above to replace caffeine with water. Make sure to stretch every once in a while too. In my experience, stretching helps relieve built-up tension in my shoulders and neck. It’s easy and quick to do.


4. Unplug for a half hour

Did you notice I put this one last? That’s because I didn’t want you to unplug before reading all the tips. Turn off your computer, phone, TV, tablet, Apple Watch, microwave, etc. Just for 30 minutes. You can do it, I promise. Open up a magazine (not a bridal magazine), read a book, take a nap, go for a run, anything that you enjoy, that doesn’t require technology. This tip pairs well with my first one to get some sun.

I’ll see you in half an hour…


…Okay, now that you’re back… I hope you enjoyed your sun/healthy lunch/nap/whatever you decided to do.

The next step is to:


5. Make manageable lists

Did you notice I said “lists”? It’s time to delegate tasks among your trusted friends and family. I know you probably already have a list or two that is a mile long. You can’t do it all so let your friends and family take some of the load. The smaller tasks are best managed by others. Picking up and dropping off items, entering RSVPs and dietary requirements in your spreadsheet, or answering your guests’ little questions are perfect time-consuming jobs for your helpers. (They are also hard to mess up.) Seeing the little jobs getting checked off your list will help you realise that everything will get done.

If you’re having the opposite problem – you’re procrastinating and can’t motivate yourself – try doing the little jobs yourself. Go for the cake testing and try on shoes for days. Just make it a fun experience. Because remember, the experience of planning your wedding should be FUN!


Get others involved


6. Take a few hours or a day with your boo

Remember what your day is all about. It’s about your love for your boo. Taking a few hours or a day to spend time with your fiancé to do something you both love is a great reminder of why you’re doing this. No wedding talk!


7. And if all else fails… clean your house

Yep. That’s right. Clean your house or apartment because a) you won’t be thinking about wedding stuff, b) you’ll feel accomplished because you have done a great job and c) working in a clean and tidy environment will hopefully lead to a clean and tidy mindset.

I’m talking about going all out. Wash your sheets, flip your mattress, vacuum and wash your couch cover, dust the skirting boards, wipe down the walls, clean the lint from the dryer, wash the dog, and organise that drawer (you know the one I’m talking about). If you’re still not satisfied, start on the car.


Such a cutie!

(Really, I just wanted to include a dog pic. Such a cutie!)


Hit the refresh button and clear your mind of everything wedding. The few hours or day you spend for yourself will not be wasted time. You might spend fewer hours on planning, but you will be more efficient and productive when you actually get to it. And hopefully, you won’t have to worry about stress pimples. Good luck – you’ve got this!


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