Combating Wedding Stress

Combating Wedding Stress

Kick wedding stress in the bum and hit the refresh button

Your wedding day is coming up, the groomsmen still have bought their suits, your mother is hounding you about her outfit (as if it’s her day), and some of your guests still haven’t RSVPed properly. It’s stress city! And now you’re stressed about breaking out in stress pimples before your big day (try these tips if you do break out).

Firstly, take three deep breaths. Do it now – I’ll give you a sec.

Ahhh, that’s better. Okay – here’s what you do:


1. Get some sun

Now that you’ve taken a few deep breaths a bit more fresh air will make you feel even better. Go for a walk or run, meet some friends for a picnic (New Farm Park and Roma St Parklands are licensed 😉), or go to the beach. Just remember sunscreen and a hat – we wouldn’t want you to get a sunburned or a weird tan before the big day.