5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

South-East Queensland beautiful all year round and perfect for Winter weddings

Winter weddings are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when dreaming of your big day. Winter brings to mind big jackets covering your stunning and expensive dress, and freezing guests too cold to go outside. In some cases that is true (think Phoebe and Mike's wedding from Friends). But that isn't really the case in the Sunshine State, Queensland. Make the most of the mild winter and snatch up some booking deals with a winter wedding. Here are our top 5 reasons to have a winter wedding...


1. Queensland is HOT HOT HOT

Don’t put your guests through a hot and sweaty ceremony and reception, and instead opt to have a cooler winter wedding. The groom and groomsmen will be thanking you for not making them swelter in the sun while you’re running a half hour late. Even if you’re not worried about them, think about yourself. Your dress will probably be bigger, heavier, and hotter than you would expect. Dance the night away without having to powder your face every few hours. Long-sleeved, lacey dresses are on trend as well. Think: Kate Middleton.



2. You probably won’t need a weather contingency

Outdoor summer weddings are beautiful, but summer also means rain! If you’re having a winter wedding, chances are your reception will be indoors and already weather-contingent.

Even if you decide to have an outdoor wedding, which is very possible in South-East Queensland and Northern NSW, the amount of rainy days are fewer and further between during the winter months. Just look how beautiful this wedding at Cherrabah Country Weddings was:

3. Winter weddings are usually cheaper and easier

Because winter weddings aren’t as popular, venues may offer cheaper packages and deals. Cheaper deals are especially perfect if you’re planning on having more guests or if your guests will have to travel and book hotels.

4. Opens the door for moody, darker colour themes

Darker colour palettes can look a little out of place in spring and summer weddings. If you're planning on having darker colours like deep purple, blue or burgundy, consider a winter wedding. Look at these fabulous palettes and tell me they don't scream winter:


Side note: the dress on the right is perfect for the cooler months.


5.  The foooood and flowers

Yes, the foooood. Hearty meals are always so much more satisfying in winter. Isn’t the idea of soups, roasts, and mulled wine enough of an excuse? Winter is perfect for casual dining weddings too: pizza and hot chips are everyone's dream snack on a colder night. There are some beautiful winter blooms that can’t survive the heat of summer. Dahlias come in a wide range of colours and are predicted to be a growing bridal trend throughout 2019. The stunning tulip and its cousin, the parrot tulip, are also in their most brilliant in the colder season.  



Have we convinced you yet? Let us know if you're having a winter wedding in the comments.


Photo credits: @poshpetalsandpearls / Cherrabah Country Weddings / @joeywillis / Ruffled Blog / @churchroadwinery / @i.love.holland

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